ADIML: Sunday, May 28th, 2017


So back in the days of LJ, there was once a community called adayinmylife, where people from all around the world would post days in their life through photos. And then the community got severely monitored to the point of not even being remotely fun, and then everyone left because the mods were actual fucking assholes, and then everyone left LJ as a whole and blahblahblah.

Anyway. I thought it would be interesting to document a day in my life for the first time in, like. ten years. Yeah. If you dig pretty deep you can find the ones I did on LJ but I’m not sharing with you. God my skin was so horrible. Gross.

Anyway. Here is Sunday, May 28th, 2017.




I actually woke up about any hour prior, but I got trapped in the void that is the internet.


I am a sucker for solar toys. The flower I found at a dollar store in Maryland, and the Bruce-esque one I found at World of Mirth in RVA.


I feel that amidst the clutter, my nightstand is an accurate representation.


I really, really need to clean. Meh.


I am the only person who gets extremely excited when it looks like it is going to rain. RAIN RAIN STAY HERE NEVER LEAVE THANKS.


This is what a 28 year old woman with her life together looks like.


Almost time for a new Sailor Soldier, y’all.


Coffee time.


Good morning, handsome.


Yep. When the laundry congregates together and forms its final form as laundry monster zoid it is officially cleaning day.


Chocolate Raspberry from Rostovs, or Cafe Du Monde. Decisions.


It’s good to know that I can officially use this mug.




The Longest Week on Netflix. Very good, very Wes Anderson-esque.


So. Drinking Buddies (also on Netflix) is one of my favorite films. Ever. I genuinely have the entire film memorized.


I decide Hank deserves breakfast, too.


Reading for class. It’s okay.


Laundry fiveever.


Should also make the bed maybe.


Still in love with this print I found at Arts in the Park this year, and the frame for it from HomeGoods.


Meh. Still okay. Not a fan.


I put on clothes. I am adult.


My bag I have been using for about five years straight finally completely died on me a few days prior to this so I had to invest in a new one, and transition all of my stuff into the new one.


Jacket time because it is unseasonably chilly for late May.




Went to my sister’s for awhile, and then stopped at Target on the way home for some things.


The only ice cream I ever want to eat. Ever.


Grab the mail (it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail and when it comes I wanna wail MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL).


I’m convinced this is actually a shot from Ace Ventura.






Bones of saw.


sleep sleep I want sleep


Sup, bruh.


I’ve been told that I good way to keep your face clear from break outs is to actually clean your make up brushes every once in awhile. Who knows.


Ugly bun means cleaning time. And that it is actually ugly. Womp.


Cleanliness, godliness, etc.


Wine goes well with cereal.


This show is six shades of a hot ass mess.


Can I actually help you, Gimomo.


Oh my god why.


Get ready for bed. I am the only person in the world who has ever lived who has an allergy to mint so oral health is an actual scavenge to find things I can actually use and not. You know. Go to the hospital. My sister found this for me. So far so good.


I have appeased the laundry monster for the night. He says he’ll wait to tear my soul out from my chest in the afternoon which is pretty thoughtful tbh.


Little of column A, and little of column B.


Good night, y’all.

  • Ash





On May 13th, 2017 I graduated from VCU with my Bachelor’s of English. I’m still in complete shock of everything. It genuinely doesn’t feel real. I started my first semester of college in 2008, and as my dear grandmother would have said,

“Sometimes life just happens.”

And it did. I worked throughout about 90% of my college career balancing a part time job and full time school. Then two part time jobs and full time school. And then a full time job and full time school. I moved about five times. My father died from prostate cancer in 2010. I started to have my first real adult relationships, and one ended kind of bloody. One was a real case of sometimes you just have to learn. My severe anxiety and depression set in. Horrifically. And I had some job changes. I spent innumerable days and nights brushing off my friends and family so that I could study or do homework, asking my boyfriend if we could move date night so that I could study the night before a big exam, letting my friends and family and boyfriend know that we can hang out, but the homework comes with me. Spending so much time delirious and frustrated and angry and upset because jesus christ can this just be over with.

Technically it’s a matter of it’s almost over. My official graduation date as far as the books are concerned is August, but August grads walk in May. I have two summer classes to make it official, with the first one being three weeks and beginning tomorrow morning (Oi.), and the last one being six weeks and ending on July 22nd.

But it’s here. I’m done. These two classes will be here and gone before I know it and I can fully appreciate and let reality sink in.

That I finally have a bachelor’s degree. And that I fucking earned that shit.

March/April/May Picture Update

Hey, y’all. It’s been awhile.

We really need to stop running into each other like this. Life has been crazy. I submitted my senior thesis yesterday afternoon, and promptly went off to have mimosas and brunch and macarons at a cafe I’ve been dying to try. And the night before that I had my last final and then promptly got tacos and tequila. Because I can, dammit. Let me live my life.

Anyway. I graduate tomorrow from VCU! I have two summer classes May 22nd through July 22nd to make it official, but otherwise I walk Saturday afternoon! Life, man! So wow, much excite! Doge!

Anyway. I have a fuckton of pictures and posts to share with you guys (would anyone genuinely be interested in a Book Chat post encompassing what I read for school, and what I read for pleasure this year? Anyone? I miss Book Chat.). So for right now, here are some pictures from mostly my phone and some from my Canon T5 from the last few months.


This meme has yet to stop making me laugh to the point that I snort and can’t breathe, and honestly my boyfriend is probably sick of getting it every five minutes BUT DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE DO I AM I A BOTHERED AM I A BOTHERED.



Nikolai sent me this picture of our kitty, Bruce a couple months ago and I adore it to the point that it is the wallpaper on my phone. I miss my baby boy so much<3


For that hot minute that it was actually consistently nice outside, it was so great to be able to study outside.


This was my breakfast every school morning for the month of April. Don’t you judge me. (Also blame groupon).


Yes, I had the unicorn frappuccino. Yes, it was fucking awful.


I have an obsession with my sister’s cat, LuLu. Because she is majestic AF. And this close up of her face makes me laugh harder than it should. Almost on level with the gecko.







I’m cool. I’m cool.


Pirate cake pop. Had to do it.


The Byrd is having a Bill Murray film festival this weekend. I’m going to it tonight because life. The universe wants me to have a happy life because Ghostbusters is playing at the exact time that I graduate. #blessyou


Told you I got tequila.


Chop Suey foolery.


Almost bought this to remember, took a picture instead (will probably buy on clearance).


Heaven is a place on earth. And also this.


What else are you supposed to watch on May 4th?


#feministfortunes at Chop Suey.


Gimmo is obsessed with my window sill, recently. But only after I brought Hank home. Interesting.


Mimosas with Lara Jean


I got brunch at The Luncheonette in Shockoe Bottom. I had been wanting to go there for awhile, but honestly I hate driving in Shockoe Bottom so I kind of put it off, but I’m glad I got over it. It’s such a cute little place and the food is just. I was scraping the plate like a sad dog in an 80s commercial with Sarah McLauchlan for the SPCA.


After that, I went to Whisk about a block or two away. Whisk is also another place I had been wanting to go to. It’s this cute little cafe with coffee and dessert, and I honestly took about 10-15 trying to figure out which macaron I wanted. I wanted all but decided that wasn’t the best idea. I went with the almond sea salt.


The Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the VMFA was actual perfection.


I need to finish my cap tonight. Womp womp.


Hank the succulent<3


When you met Jenny Han to get her to sign your book, she also gave you these adorable nail decals and cards and just. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


These are too precious omfg. (I lost it at Resting Kitty Face, which probably makes more sense if you’ve read the series).


May on my Pusheen calendar.


So, on reddit sometimes I participate in gift exchanges because they’re fun, and I did a cat themed one (of course), and this box of matches was in mine, and Nikolai and I are kind of obsessed with it because it’s just. Yeah. I want to display it somehow for the world to see, but. Still trying to figure out how, I guess.

Welp. That’s it for now. MurrayFest tonight along with finishing my cap and reading. Hopefully. Who knows.

– Ash

So you want to recreate an olde English manuscript from the 1700s.

During the course of my last full semester of my undergrad career, I took a course on John Milton. During that course, our professor eagerly announced to our class that amongst the discussion of the works of English author and poet, John Milton we would not only be reading the infamous Paradise Lost, of course, but that we would also be recreating the manuscripts of the aforementioned works.

By hand.


Oh yes.

And I am assuming that you do, too! Or maybe you just have a genuine interest in the recreation of manuscripts and book binding of some sort. Whatever the case may be, I hope that this little tutorial on how to construct a manuscript proves to be helpful of some sort. In hindsight, none of the manuscripts that we had to replicate were difficult to construct, just took a little trial and error. The manuscript that I am about to show you today how to recreate for today is for John Milton’s A Mask play. Out of all of the ones that we put together, this one was probably the easiest to replicate.


Alrighty, so you are going to need a few things.

  • 6 sheets of fake-laid paper (also referred to as Ingress paper, the brand Canson carries this). Craft stores are generally a little more hit or miss for this but smaller art supplies stores usually keep this about 90% of the time. I personally bought mine from Plaza Art in Richmond, VA.
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • Awl (most craft stores will carry this, but usually you can get one for about $5 off Amazon)
  • (not pictured) thread/cord/string/yarn for binding
  • (optional) pen/pencil


First things first, fold your first paper in half.


Second, fold it in half again. It should look similar to the above image.


Next, grab your ruler and your pen/pencil (if you desire. Personally I need crop marks and lines for everything and even then half the time it looks like I had a seizure midway through cutting. My argument is the disorientation gives it *~character~* and *~ambiance~*. Cut your pages out to be about 7.5″ by 6″. Pro Tip: It is going to make your life so much easier if you cut closer to the open end of the fold so that way all for leaves that you have will open freely. However, if you don’t, no worries. Just trim the top fold open so that way the open free.


Once your leaves are cut out, they should look something like the top two images when they are closed and when they are open. Repeat this process for the next five sheets of paper.


Start laying your leaves on top of each other so that way the folds are on top of each other similar to the above image. Despite the top image only having two (simply for reference purposes), you should have about 12 folded leaves at this point stacked on top of each other.


Next, grab your awl and start stabbing away. Make sure to stab down the fold (similar to the above image), and not through the interior fold.


Grab your binding of choice (in my example I used red yarn because that was sturdier for me, and also what I had readily available at the time. And again, *~ambiance~*) and start interweaving it through the holes you created with your awl, and close the binding.


Once you have your binding closed off, you are finally ready to start filling in your manuscript per your instructor’s directions for your course.


And once that is done, it is all about the writing. As you can see, mine has the lines for Comus and the Lady from Milton’s A Mask. The manuscript construction process really is fairly easy once you have the handle of it. The above manuscript in one sitting took me roughly about 30-45 minutes.

I do hope this tutorial was helpful in some way. I genuinely enjoyed doing these projects once I knew what I was doing, and recreating them personally helped me absorb the material better for discussion. So, I decided to make a little ditty that is this tutorial in hopes that maybe this will make someone doing a similar project more clear, especially since I know I’m definitely more of a visual learner.

Now carry on, manuscripters of the world! Go do the thing!

We really need to talk about A Series of Unfortunate Events.


So, confession time. I never actually read the book series, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Nor did I ever watch the 2004 film with Jim Carrey. I vaguely remember being interested when I was in high school, but never actually got around to seeing it. It looked interesting enough but it was definitely added to my “Y’know, whenever I get to it I guess” list.

So. About twelve years later or so someone decided to redo it as a series for Netflix and it was released on Friday the 13th (yes, I just got that, too). With a day off, and just work at home stuff to get done along with minor chores I decided to finally give it a shot.

I got it all done in almost one sitting. And it still wasn’t enough. Jesus H. Christ on a cracker.

Growing up, my favorite films and books and tv series and what not always leaned more toward the dark and dark comedies and just strange and such. They still do. But think Adventures of Pete and Pete, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Addams Family, Matilda, Kids in the Hall, etc. I knew from a very, very young age that I was different, that I was very odd, and dark. Little things that I was drawn to kind of brought me comfort, reassurance that there was nothing wrong with this. Matilda is so important to me for that reason.

I really, really wish that I had watched the film in high school, and that I had known about the book series when I was significantly younger.

A Series of Unfortunate Events is a children’s series, and it is very, very fucking dark. The Baudelaire children are orphaned when their parents die in a very random fire, and then are left to live with an uncle that they have never heard of who makes it clear to them (but conveniently no one in a position of authority, of course. classic WB frog syndrome) that he is after their outrageously large fortune that no one, even them, can touch until Violet turns of age. Count Olaf goes as far to say that he will force Violet to marry him so that he can access it (but then that is kabashed when he learns that he can’t legally marry her because she is underage). And then every guardian that they are placed with is murdered. Because why the fuck not. All the while Patrick Warburton narrates the events as the titular Lemony Snicket.

This series is very, very dark. But it more importantly is very, very honest. It serves as a reminder that is consistently lost in Disney films or general children’s entertainment that the world is not always positive, that it is not always an easy happy life. Too often when parents die the children in this entertainment go directly from the information straight into the rest of their life. In ASoUE, the Baudelaire orphans are allowed time to grieve and process the information and what it means in regards to them and their future. They are forced to grow up quickly in a realistic way (or as realistic a surreal series can allow), and approach certain situations in a practical way.

As Warburton’s Snicket points out in one episode, sometimes that villians win and the heroes lose. Sometimes it honestly does not matter how hard you work or how hard you try or how “good” of a person you are, you will lose and the villains will win. Sometimes that does happen. I think that is so important that the series takes the time to actually talk about that and go into what that means. The Baudelaires for all intents and purposes are genuinely good, kind people and work very hard, and mean very well but sometimes Olaf does win. Sometimes his allies do win.

The series is very aware of itself, its uniqueness, its surrealness, its oddity. And what is important to note is that it is very aware without saying anything that anyone enjoying it to a degree does have a little bit of oddness to them themselves. In the final episode as the Baudelaires are sitting on a bench in their new boarding school, mirroring behind them is another set of presumably orphans. As Snicket’s voiceover points out that it is okay to be exactly how you are, who you are. And there is no reason to be ashamed of that.

This series is so different. But because of that it is so important. Whenever I talk about my Aunt Susan to people, I always without fail to mention for one reason or another that growing up she never talked to me like I was a child. She was aware of this, and made sure to make the boundary line of the child and the authoritative adult clear to both of us, but she always spoke to me with respect and levity regardless of what we were talking about; whether it was something lighthearted or something serious. She just spoke to me in a way that I would be able to comprehend at the level I was at the time. This is important to note because this series does the exact same thing. It refuses to shy away from having the children discuss and react to adult situations and issues, and just has them meet them at their comfort levels appropriate for them.

I love this series, needless to say. I’m excited to dig into the books when I have time, and hopefully go back and watch the original Jim Carrey vehicle, and obviously I’m excited for more episodes if those are in the cards.

Also, we need more Patrick Warburton in our lives. In everything in the history of ever. I would watch a YouTube channel of him unboxing LootCrates or MunchPaks forever if that was what I had to do. But hey.

picture dumps and other thoughts


So back when I kept this up regularly before I hid myself away, on occasion we would have ourselves a good old fashion picture dump of various fun things that individually probably don’t warrant a post on their own, but are still interesting enough some how that I just want to share them. GUESS WHAT WE DOIN’, Y’ALL.

Yep. This post brought to you by the world’s tiniest and cutest Captain America in the world. Somewhere Colin is beaming with happiness and making a variation on this face. :3


Sometimes Gimmo wants to sleep and play in this Amazon box and I have to go into stealth mode in order to take pictures of him. Sometimes I succeed. And make my own variation of this face. :3


Every January I try to put myself on a very strict budget and buying ban that is pretty much unless it is rent, bills, groceries or an emergency or genuine need I can’t buy it until February. Mainly because over the holidays you always spend too much money so this way I can build my savings back up. Some years are better than others. Before I put myself on one, I bought a few things from Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale online, including this candle. It makes my apartment smell so good, and it is in general very relaxing and calming despite the fact that the label distinctly says energy. Well, I guess I have the energy to relax and not go into a neurotic mess or anxiety attack so. Fuck yeah Bath & Body. You did the damn thing, man.


Luckily for me, I live about 20 minutes away from the VMFA and I try to take advantage of this when I can. Since november they have had a show that I have wanted to see about Jasper Johns and Edvard Munch but never got around to it. Well, when I found out that it is leaving on February 20th, I decided to take one of my last days off and go. I’m very glad that I did, especially since now I am deeply in love with Munch’s Madonna series. At the end of the exhibit they had an interactive part where you could create your own Munch/Johns inspired piece that represents yourself as a person.

Mine is because I’m pretty but I’m also dead inside and I like coffee.

Sounds about right.


This candle is also from the same Bath & Body Works order. It is really light and relaxing and also makes the apartment smell good.

We had a snowstorm recently. It was pretty but it also kind of sucked. Andrew Friedan and NBC12 kept me sane.

Stews and Stir Fry


So, as I said before in a previous post one of my smaller goals for the year is to make every dish in the new cookbook that I bought, Weeknight Easy. So far, so good! I have already made two dishes from it and I’d say that they both were a success.


So far, the Orange Pork and Asparagus stir fry has definitely been my favorite. Instead of pork tenderloin, I actually did strips of steak because that’s what I had laid down, but I’d say that it was still a success. I loved the flavors that were a result of the combination of garlic and navel oranges marinating together. It created a subtley sweet result that wasn’t too potent, where as the asparagus balanced it well. I’ll definitely be trying this again, but tweeking it a bit.

Seafood Stew was definitely the one thing in the book that I was the most curious about. I have a weird secret obsession with shrimp, so that is probably what in hindsight drove me in the most. As always, I did change a few things. The recipe called for cod, but I really don’t care for cod, so I replaced it with tilapia which I do enjoy. It also called for tomato juice, but I guess my brain was broken at the time so I used tomato sauce but thinned it out with one cup of water as opposed to the 1/2 cup that it originally called for. That and I added some oregano because trust me it needed it. The end result? I loved it. My bowl was gone in a few moments. This is something that would have been perfect during the snowstorm that we had recently in Virginia. A nice hot bowl with oyster crackers and a hot cup of coffee and a comfy blanket, and you’re in business. This may have to be added to my list of go to comfort foods.

I think that my only complaint with this book so far from just flipping through it is that there appears to be an awful lot of stir fry based recipes, but given that the purpose of the book is to provide quick recipes that you can perform on a weeknight after a day of work or school in time for a family of hungry people, I guess I can let it slide. But I’m a special damn snowflake so hey-o.

not so much book chat, but books and shit y’know y’know


Oh, book chat. We’ll get back to you in time. In the mean time, have a snippet of what I’m reading at the moment.

Yes, I am digging into all of these things right now. I genuinely read (and comprehend, yes. I had an ex who couldn’t understand that I was genuinely absorbing what I was reading as quickly as I read) remarkably quickly to the point that people tend to think that I’m just skimming. I used to have teachers get actually angry with me because I read so far ahead of my peers. You know that part in Mean Girls when Cady is having the visual synopsis of her first day, and the English teacher gets really pissy with her and goes “DON’T READ AHEAD”. Yeah, it was something like that, except a bit more pissy. My parents had to come in at one point to tell one teacher I had in middle school to calm the eff down. It was fun.


So, I go back to school on Tuesday (for my last full semester, by the way. Holla back girl, etc), and once I start that’s pretty much it for personal reading unless it’s a graphic novel and I bring it to work to read on my break. So, I’m trying to get through what I can because of course my last full semester I decided to make as intense as possible. Go me! Common sense I has it!

Not surprisingly, I’ve completed a few of these since I took this picture. I may or may not do a separate book chat for the ones that I complete. IDK IDK IDK WE MAY. We could get wild like that. But let’s take a look.

The Secret Loves of Geek Girls edited by Hope Nicholson is an anthology of various short stories, essays, and comics by female identified authors about love and geek culture. It was a relatively quick read, overall not bad. As with any anthology some sections were significantly stronger than others but I loved the concept as a whole.

Magic Knight Rayearth Volumes 4 & 5 by CLAMP is a manga series (and I believe there was an anime at one point?) about magical girls doing magical things. I usually describe it as Sailor Moon with swords and shit. And at one point there is some Power Rangers style zords and stuff. It’s odd and serious and great and I love it. It was my first real foray into manga when I was a kid outside of Sailor Moon and Pokemon and I grabbed hold of it like lightning. I’ve been looking for YEARS for the second part of the series without luck, until I found an omnibus of them on Amazon for a good deal, but then I found the individual ones at my local used book store for about $4-5 each and I snatched them up. The only one I couldn’t find was the last one (of fucking course) so I’ll have to order that from Amazon some how. Hurray. These two were hardly a let down from the first half, though. Apparently more shit is going down in Cephiro and Princess Emeraude is flipping out because she wants to bone Zagato and they need a new pillar and Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are still trying to figure out why the fresh hell they are there. It’s great. Sigh.

The Best Awful by Carrie Fisher is a continuation of Postcards from the Edge (which was made into a film version and I VAGUELY remember watching it when I was a kid, and I have been trying desperately to find it but everywhere I find it you have to pay and I’m a cheap ho, tbh). So, fun story time. My friend Dev was in town and we were running around our favorite used bookstore chain because partly we wanted to but also I really, really wanted to find Carrie Fisher’s newest memoir. I already had wanted to read it, but her passing kind of made me want to read it even more. Well, they had it but they wanted full price and, again. I’m a cheap ho .But, they had one of her novels in stock, and I had no idea that she wrote any novels (which Postcards from the Edge should have been obvious but I guess I didn’t realize that was her? Who knows) and it was half price, because. Well. Used. So I snatched it. And it’s apparently a first edition so yay me. I haven’t started it, yet. Actually I was planning to this evening, so. Reporting back later. But from reading the back synopsis it appears to once again be a fictionalized account of her life so that should prove interesting.

Live From New York by James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales is a collection of interviews and behind the scenes history of Saturday Night Live. I started this at the beginning of winter break after finding it at McKay’s on my last trip to Tennessee to visit my boyfriend. This one has been taking me a bit to get through just because of how dense it is, but Jesus H. Christ is it fascinating. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love and adore Saturday Night Live. It has been my dream since I was about eight years old or so to be a cast member and a writer (specifically I want to be an anchor for Weekend Update since that is my favorite of all time, probably due to my obsession with politics and government and the news) so when I found out that this came out YEARS ago I became obsessed with somehow obtaining it. Welp, fast forward to September 2016 in a McKay’s in Nashville, TN as Nikolai and I are walking down biographies and then heavy breathing and gasping is emitted. As I said it is fascinating as fuck and some of the interviews are surprising, mostly because I think I either didn’t know or forgot that they hosted (e.g. Carrie Fisher, Robin Williams, etc) so I was taken aback but. Also, the amount of pure disdain for Chevy Chase is equal parts unsurprising, validated, and concerning. Because he’s kind of a shitty fucking person. But hey.

So, needless to say that this is not nearly everything on my to read list. I have actual stacks that I still have to go through mainly because I have an actual problem with leaving a bookstore (mostly a used bookstore) and not taking something. So between my local used bookstores, McKay’s when I visit my human, and then the fucking free bins (yes) outside of my local used bookstore, yeah. Yeah. But this is just what I’m focused on for now, mostly to try to get through or mostly through these prior to school because after that, well. If it isn’t by John Milton, classifies as political short science fiction, prison literature, or in spanish, I can’t fuck with it.


Weeknight Made Easy


To say that I am excited about 2017 is a bit of an understatement. I have so much going on and happening that it is almost a bit overwhelming and daunting. I keep reminding myself that it is like a blank page to a new notebook and I ease up a little bit. And remember to breathe. Because passing out and crack my head open on the kitchen floor and bleed all over the wood is a faux pas, or so I’m told.

I grew up cooking. My dad taught me how to cook and I love it. Cooking is a sign of love in my family. You create food for the people in your life as a sign of love. It is one of many reasons why I take baking desserts for my friends and family so seriously, and why it was so daunting to me the first time that I made Valentine’s Day dinner for my boyfriend for the first time. It’s a sign of love.

That being said, whenever I am severely stressed and overwhelmed, mainly around exam time, I tend to freak out about time and having as much time as possible and then I get tired and just. Take out is so seductive. One of my goals for this year is to cook dinner for myself at least six nights a week. They say that you need to do something consecutively for thirty days in order for it to stick as a habit or routine. So in order to ensure this happens, I grabbed this cookbook from Barnes & Noble a day or two after Christmas in the bargain section. Everything looks so delicious and easy which is another place that I run into issues with is what to cook during the week that is delicious and not too time consuming but also relatively healthy.

That being said, my sub-goal for the year is to cook every dish in this cook book. Especially since some of the things in there are things I don’t normally touch, I think it will help get me out of my comfort zone a bit, which when it comes to meats tends to stick mainly with chicken, ground turkey, and shrimp. So far so good, I actually made the pork stir fry dish last night. De-fucking-licious. I’m excited to take it to work tomorrow for my lunch. There is a recipe for a seafood stew that I am excited to try this week that I will have to document and report back with. I am changing it a bit though; it asks for cod and I’m replacing it with tilapia. Not really a fan of cod, but oh my god will I tear up some tilapia.

I’m super classy.

What are some of your goals for this year? What do you cook during the winter time?

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