BfC Soundtrack

Hey, everyone. I mentioned it briefly in another post, but just in case you missed it I am working on writing another novel at the moment. Yep, another full length novel. Yay, me!

So where is the first one? Somewhere! Ignore the man behind the curtain! He has candy!

Anyway. The working title is Boyfriends from College, but I’m willing to bet that will change closer to the end because that’s really a super vague plot summary of what is going on in the same vain that “stuff happens on a ship” is a super vague description of Titanic. Yeah. As I get closer to the end, of course I will give you a better idea. In the mean time though you know what I do have for you? A damn awesome soundtrack. Heck yeah, man!

When I was younger, music influenced my writing almost exclusively. Now it doesn’t directly influence it nearly as much as moments do. Singular moments will give me ideas for 300 pages. And then I’ll come across music that works with those. For BfC, this is what those moments are so far. And I can’t wait for you to find out what these moments are. God.


Eurythmics – Here Comes the Rain Again

SideNote: Annie Lennox is perfection. Carry on.

Bleachers – Rollercoaster

Tame Impala – The Less I Know the Better

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat

Lady Gaga – Million Reasons

Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion

Side Note: I could really just link the entire Joanne album. Just like you could get your tail down to the local Target and pay the $10.99 for it. Come on. She worked hard on it man, geez. Get it together. Anyway.

Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure

Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia

Lorde – Green Light


I’d argue that secretly my favorite part of the writing and producing process is making the soundtrack. It makes the unfinished portion feel so much. More. Real, I guess.

It also helps fulfill the obsession that 15 year old me had with making 50000x playlists. So there’s that, too.

Later friends,

  • Ash

50 Facts About Me


Hi. My name is Ash. This is a terrible picture of me drinking coffee in my sister’s kitchen. Here are 50 facts about me.

  1. My birthday is August 26.
  2. My best friend from high school’s birthday is exactly 2 weeks prior.
  3. My favorite Disney princess is Belle.
  4. But my favorite Disney film is The Great Mouse Detective.
  5. My favorite video game of all time is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I have owned it on at least five different platforms.
  6. My first car was a blue 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier named The TARDIS. I still have her.
  7. I want a Nissan or a Honda next.
  8. Tiramisu is my favorite dessert.
  9. Sushi is my favorite food.
  10. The older I get, the more I really think I am an empath. It’s fairly easy for me to adapt to the emotion of the person I am with at the time.
  11. I am severely allergic to mint. And yes it does make buying toothpaste a massive pain in the ass.
  12. My coffee addiction is so deep that if I don’t have it in the morning I get bad migraines and my mood is awful until I do drink it.
  13. Money genuinely terrifies me. No matter how well I keep my budget and spending, I am always afraid that I’ve spent it all and that I won’t have enough.
  14. I can’t sleep without a glass of water beside my bed. Hydration.
  15. I naturally read very quickly. I finished Deathly Hallows in five hours with breaks.
  16. I have been to every tour Kids in the Hall have done except for Same Guys, New Dresses in 2000.
  17. Even though it isn’t my favorite film, I do believe that unobjectively The Big Chill is the greatest American film ever made.
  18. Wonder Boys is both my favorite film and my favorite novel of all time.
  19. I greatly prefer rainy days to sunny.
  20. My bathroom in my old apartment was Halloween themed for no reason other than I needed somewhere to store all of my decorations.
  21. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
  22. Christmas will always be difficult for me because my father loved it so passionately.
  23. I genuinely love my sister’s cat, Lulu almost as much as my own. I seriously believe she is perfect.
  24. My guitar is a Fender acoustic named Gwen.
  25. I have a deep fascination with politics. I think in another life I would have wanted to be a senator.
  26. I was very lonely as a child. If I wasn’t spending time with my father or a handful of other people, I was usually in  a chair reading a book.
  27. My favorite fantasy series growing up was Lord of the Rings. Now it is tied with Hunger Games.
  28. I had a crush on David Spade when I was 12.
  29. I have a black cat named Bruce. He’s the love of my life.
  30. I worked for Crate & Barrel for about a month and a half. It was definitely my favorite retail job I’ve ever had and sometimes I miss it a lot.
  31. One of the stupidest things I did in my twenties was date my coworker at the time. I’m still livid with myself about it.
  32. Cleaning and organizing soothe me and bring me so much zen. Let me clean your house. Seriously.
  33. I wrote an entire novel. I have not published it. I probably won’t for personal reasons.
  34. When I write I tend to come up with the title first. Then characters. Then the ending. Then the beginning. It’s usually the middle that stresses me out.
  35. I am in the process of a novel and a screenplay at the moment. Both of which I do plan to publish. Boyfriends from High School, and Food Truck(working title).
  36. I haven’t watched cable regularly in about seven years. I tend to stick with Netflix and Youtube, and even then I usually watch the same five people regularly. David DiFranco, Meghan Tonjes, Emilynoel83, Leighannsays, and Claire Marshall (who is my absolute favorite).
  37. I love make up and wearing it and the artistic process of it, but I tend to stick to two brands most of the time. Urban Decay and NYX.
  38. I used to hate it. My idea of a full face at 14 was eyeliner, mascara, a lip stain, and WAY too much Wet N Wild blush. Neon pink for days, y’all.
  39. I have to be early anywhere. Anything less than five minutes early and I feel like I am being very disrespectful.
  40. I generally despise chain restaurants. I think they are usually very boring, overprices, and rarely do they taste good for the price you pay.
  41. I’m secretly jealous of anyone who does or has been able to dye their hair fun colors. I’ve never had a job or extracurricular that allowed for it, nor does my career.  Although, to compensate for it I’ve always just incorporated fun colors in my make up.
  42. I own two full bags of make up and brushes, but I tend to consistently go back to my favorite lipstick. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Manic.
  43. I’ve bad my bear, Fred since before I was born. he’s at least 30 now. Grandpa bear. BFFs for life.
  44. I had a forklift license before I had a driver’s license.
  45. Twenty years later and I still love Sailor Moon. Like. LOVE.
  46. Few things infuriate me more than people who feel inclined to touch or grab my hair without asking first. It’s extremely rude and inappropriate and I will hate you for it.
  47. I love early mornings but don’t get to see them nearly as often as I’d like. When I worked the stock room for Crate & Barrel I got to consistently see the sun rise and it made me so happy.
  48. I really don’t drink anything other than coffee, tea, or water.
  49.  My name was almost Stella. I’m still upset it isn’t.
  50. Rum and coke or gin and tonic. Please and thank you.

What are some things I don’t know about you?

May & June 2017

Hello, again. Just a nice fun dump of pictures from May and June that didn’t really have too much else of a place to go.



Cafe Du Monde sells the mix to make their beignets and their coffee. Thank you, World Market. You treasure trove of joy.


Trader Joe’s barbecue chicken pizza is pretty good, albeit tiny.


I jumped on the Colourpop train when they had a sale. Not too bad.





Also jumped on the Ipsy train out of curiosity. Not too bad. I was going to cancel for July just to save a little money, but then I saw that it was Gudetama themed so. Yeah. I stayed.


“Working Girl” is a strange little film.


I got caught up on Supernatural.


I put this picture of Bill Murray up in my (now) old apartment the first week that I moved in in order to test the printer that I had at the time. It moved around a bit before staying on the door but it stayed roughly about 2 years and change. Sadness.


Felt super hipstery. Was good anyway.


The morning light from my windows was insane. Miss it.


Sleepy Gimmo.


Put this sticker up the first night that I moved in. Also had to take it down. Womp.


Foo Fighters are touring again with a new album. All is well in the world.


Yeah. Gonna really miss that light.




I want to be this cat. Desperately.


I think Blue misses my bed, tbh.




That one time that I dropped everything I was in the middle of in order to engulf an entire maple bacon donut.




Learned coconut milk is a beautiful creation.


These look like heaven (did not purchase).


Intergalactic is the best Lush bath bomb.

This reminds me that I’m also out of Ocean Salt. Sad face.


Bruce is eight hours away and he is somehow still the world’s most spoiled cat.




This makes it look like I have Starbucks every day which is SO inaccurate.

Side Note: The prickly pear frappucino is DELISH.


However, this is HEAVEN. Holy eff.


I love it when Nikolai sends me pictures of Bruce making his pouty face because OH MY GOD I DIE FROM CUTE Y’ALL LOOK AT MY CHILD.


Regalest baby boy<3





This was cool for ten minutes. Also I’m a freak and would greatly prefer rainy days to sunny weather so.


This podcast is my everything. EVERYTHING.


Study days<3

Till next time, friends.

ADIML: Sunday, May 28th, 2017


So back in the days of LJ, there was once a community called adayinmylife, where people from all around the world would post days in their life through photos. And then the community got severely monitored to the point of not even being remotely fun, and then everyone left because the mods were actual fucking assholes, and then everyone left LJ as a whole and blahblahblah.

Anyway. I thought it would be interesting to document a day in my life for the first time in, like. ten years. Yeah. If you dig pretty deep you can find the ones I did on LJ but I’m not sharing with you. God my skin was so horrible. Gross.

Anyway. Here is Sunday, May 28th, 2017.




I actually woke up about any hour prior, but I got trapped in the void that is the internet.


I am a sucker for solar toys. The flower I found at a dollar store in Maryland, and the Bruce-esque one I found at World of Mirth in RVA.


I feel that amidst the clutter, my nightstand is an accurate representation.


I really, really need to clean. Meh.


I am the only person who gets extremely excited when it looks like it is going to rain. RAIN RAIN STAY HERE NEVER LEAVE THANKS.


This is what a 28 year old woman with her life together looks like.


Almost time for a new Sailor Soldier, y’all.


Coffee time.


Good morning, handsome.


Yep. When the laundry congregates together and forms its final form as laundry monster zoid it is officially cleaning day.


Chocolate Raspberry from Rostovs, or Cafe Du Monde. Decisions.


It’s good to know that I can officially use this mug.




The Longest Week on Netflix. Very good, very Wes Anderson-esque.


So. Drinking Buddies (also on Netflix) is one of my favorite films. Ever. I genuinely have the entire film memorized.


I decide Hank deserves breakfast, too.


Reading for class. It’s okay.


Laundry fiveever.


Should also make the bed maybe.


Still in love with this print I found at Arts in the Park this year, and the frame for it from HomeGoods.


Meh. Still okay. Not a fan.


I put on clothes. I am adult.


My bag I have been using for about five years straight finally completely died on me a few days prior to this so I had to invest in a new one, and transition all of my stuff into the new one.


Jacket time because it is unseasonably chilly for late May.




Went to my sister’s for awhile, and then stopped at Target on the way home for some things.


The only ice cream I ever want to eat. Ever.


Grab the mail (it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail and when it comes I wanna wail MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL).


I’m convinced this is actually a shot from Ace Ventura.






Bones of saw.


sleep sleep I want sleep


Sup, bruh.


I’ve been told that I good way to keep your face clear from break outs is to actually clean your make up brushes every once in awhile. Who knows.


Ugly bun means cleaning time. And that it is actually ugly. Womp.


Cleanliness, godliness, etc.


Wine goes well with cereal.


This show is six shades of a hot ass mess.


Can I actually help you, Gimomo.


Oh my god why.


Get ready for bed. I am the only person in the world who has ever lived who has an allergy to mint so oral health is an actual scavenge to find things I can actually use and not. You know. Go to the hospital. My sister found this for me. So far so good.


I have appeased the laundry monster for the night. He says he’ll wait to tear my soul out from my chest in the afternoon which is pretty thoughtful tbh.


Little of column A, and little of column B.


Good night, y’all.

  • Ash





On May 13th, 2017 I graduated from VCU with my Bachelor’s of English. I’m still in complete shock of everything. It genuinely doesn’t feel real. I started my first semester of college in 2008, and as my dear grandmother would have said,

“Sometimes life just happens.”

And it did. I worked throughout about 90% of my college career balancing a part time job and full time school. Then two part time jobs and full time school. And then a full time job and full time school. I moved about five times. My father died from prostate cancer in 2010. I started to have my first real adult relationships, and one ended kind of bloody. One was a real case of sometimes you just have to learn. My severe anxiety and depression set in. Horrifically. And I had some job changes. I spent innumerable days and nights brushing off my friends and family so that I could study or do homework, asking my boyfriend if we could move date night so that I could study the night before a big exam, letting my friends and family and boyfriend know that we can hang out, but the homework comes with me. Spending so much time delirious and frustrated and angry and upset because jesus christ can this just be over with.

Technically it’s a matter of it’s almost over. My official graduation date as far as the books are concerned is August, but August grads walk in May. I have two summer classes to make it official, with the first one being three weeks and beginning tomorrow morning (Oi.), and the last one being six weeks and ending on July 22nd.

But it’s here. I’m done. These two classes will be here and gone before I know it and I can fully appreciate and let reality sink in.

That I finally have a bachelor’s degree. And that I fucking earned that shit.

March/April/May Picture Update

Hey, y’all. It’s been awhile.

We really need to stop running into each other like this. Life has been crazy. I submitted my senior thesis yesterday afternoon, and promptly went off to have mimosas and brunch and macarons at a cafe I’ve been dying to try. And the night before that I had my last final and then promptly got tacos and tequila. Because I can, dammit. Let me live my life.

Anyway. I graduate tomorrow from VCU! I have two summer classes May 22nd through July 22nd to make it official, but otherwise I walk Saturday afternoon! Life, man! So wow, much excite! Doge!

Anyway. I have a fuckton of pictures and posts to share with you guys (would anyone genuinely be interested in a Book Chat post encompassing what I read for school, and what I read for pleasure this year? Anyone? I miss Book Chat.). So for right now, here are some pictures from mostly my phone and some from my Canon T5 from the last few months.


This meme has yet to stop making me laugh to the point that I snort and can’t breathe, and honestly my boyfriend is probably sick of getting it every five minutes BUT DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE DO I AM I A BOTHERED AM I A BOTHERED.



Nikolai sent me this picture of our kitty, Bruce a couple months ago and I adore it to the point that it is the wallpaper on my phone. I miss my baby boy so much<3


For that hot minute that it was actually consistently nice outside, it was so great to be able to study outside.


This was my breakfast every school morning for the month of April. Don’t you judge me. (Also blame groupon).


Yes, I had the unicorn frappuccino. Yes, it was fucking awful.


I have an obsession with my sister’s cat, LuLu. Because she is majestic AF. And this close up of her face makes me laugh harder than it should. Almost on level with the gecko.







I’m cool. I’m cool.


Pirate cake pop. Had to do it.


The Byrd is having a Bill Murray film festival this weekend. I’m going to it tonight because life. The universe wants me to have a happy life because Ghostbusters is playing at the exact time that I graduate. #blessyou


Told you I got tequila.


Chop Suey foolery.


Almost bought this to remember, took a picture instead (will probably buy on clearance).


Heaven is a place on earth. And also this.


What else are you supposed to watch on May 4th?


#feministfortunes at Chop Suey.


Gimmo is obsessed with my window sill, recently. But only after I brought Hank home. Interesting.


Mimosas with Lara Jean


I got brunch at The Luncheonette in Shockoe Bottom. I had been wanting to go there for awhile, but honestly I hate driving in Shockoe Bottom so I kind of put it off, but I’m glad I got over it. It’s such a cute little place and the food is just. I was scraping the plate like a sad dog in an 80s commercial with Sarah McLauchlan for the SPCA.


After that, I went to Whisk about a block or two away. Whisk is also another place I had been wanting to go to. It’s this cute little cafe with coffee and dessert, and I honestly took about 10-15 trying to figure out which macaron I wanted. I wanted all but decided that wasn’t the best idea. I went with the almond sea salt.


The Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the VMFA was actual perfection.


I need to finish my cap tonight. Womp womp.


Hank the succulent<3


When you met Jenny Han to get her to sign your book, she also gave you these adorable nail decals and cards and just. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


These are too precious omfg. (I lost it at Resting Kitty Face, which probably makes more sense if you’ve read the series).


May on my Pusheen calendar.


So, on reddit sometimes I participate in gift exchanges because they’re fun, and I did a cat themed one (of course), and this box of matches was in mine, and Nikolai and I are kind of obsessed with it because it’s just. Yeah. I want to display it somehow for the world to see, but. Still trying to figure out how, I guess.

Welp. That’s it for now. MurrayFest tonight along with finishing my cap and reading. Hopefully. Who knows.

– Ash