Flashtober Day 2: The Library


I’m going to kindly ask you to ignore the date this was posted, mkay? Mkay. Thanks.

Flashtober Day 2: The Library

Smoke hung so thick in the library’s rafters that she could read words on it. She continued gingerly up the spiral staircase, her focus never leaving the grey-blue abyss that she was slowly beginning to enter. Her hand never left the smooth, slick bannister; she clung to it for fear of floating away. The quiet evening outside echoed in the marble library. She stopped to cough into her elbow. She kept moving.

The words slowly became clearer as she kept moving. “Gall pawn sy’n…” The rest was hard to make out. She kept moving up the stair case, her soft shoes silent on the slick marble. As she looked around she could begin to see more dust floating around into the air the higher she climbed the steps. She looked around and still no one to be found in the old building. The din quickly beginning to form a small headache. She stopped again to cough into her elbow.

The light began to fade darker the higher that she went. She continued to climb until the heel of her boot slightly stuck in something tacky. She fought a little to free it. She examined something thick and black-brown on her heel. No scent. She coughed harder into the air. She finally sat down to try to find any air to breathe before she noticed the words in the smoke.

“Gall pawb sy’n mynd I mewn yma gael eu colli.”

                                “May all who enter here be lost.”


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