picture dumps and other thoughts


So back when I kept this up regularly before I hid myself away, on occasion we would have ourselves a good old fashion picture dump of various fun things that individually probably don’t warrant a post on their own, but are still interesting enough some how that I just want to share them. GUESS WHAT WE DOIN’, Y’ALL.

Yep. This post brought to you by the world’s tiniest and cutest Captain America in the world. Somewhere Colin is beaming with happiness and making a variation on this face. :3


Sometimes Gimmo wants to sleep and play in this Amazon box and I have to go into stealth mode in order to take pictures of him. Sometimes I succeed. And make my own variation of this face. :3


Every January I try to put myself on a very strict budget and buying ban that is pretty much unless it is rent, bills, groceries or an emergency or genuine need I can’t buy it until February. Mainly because over the holidays you always spend too much money so this way I can build my savings back up. Some years are better than others. Before I put myself on one, I bought a few things from Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale online, including this candle. It makes my apartment smell so good, and it is in general very relaxing and calming despite the fact that the label distinctly says energy. Well, I guess I have the energy to relax and not go into a neurotic mess or anxiety attack so. Fuck yeah Bath & Body. You did the damn thing, man.


Luckily for me, I live about 20 minutes away from the VMFA and I try to take advantage of this when I can. Since november they have had a show that I have wanted to see about Jasper Johns and Edvard Munch but never got around to it. Well, when I found out that it is leaving on February 20th, I decided to take one of my last days off and go. I’m very glad that I did, especially since now I am deeply in love with Munch’s Madonna series. At the end of the exhibit they had an interactive part where you could create your own Munch/Johns inspired piece that represents yourself as a person.

Mine is because I’m pretty but I’m also dead inside and I like coffee.

Sounds about right.


This candle is also from the same Bath & Body Works order. It is really light and relaxing and also makes the apartment smell good.

We had a snowstorm recently. It was pretty but it also kind of sucked. Andrew Friedan and NBC12 kept me sane.


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