Stews and Stir Fry


So, as I said before in a previous post one of my smaller goals for the year is to make every dish in the new cookbook that I bought, Weeknight Easy. So far, so good! I have already made two dishes from it and I’d say that they both were a success.


So far, the Orange Pork and Asparagus stir fry has definitely been my favorite. Instead of pork tenderloin, I actually did strips of steak because that’s what I had laid down, but I’d say that it was still a success. I loved the flavors that were a result of the combination of garlic and navel oranges marinating together. It created a subtley sweet result that wasn’t too potent, where as the asparagus balanced it well. I’ll definitely be trying this again, but tweeking it a bit.

Seafood Stew was definitely the one thing in the book that I was the most curious about. I have a weird secret obsession with shrimp, so that is probably what in hindsight drove me in the most. As always, I did change a few things. The recipe called for cod, but I really don’t care for cod, so I replaced it with tilapia which I do enjoy. It also called for tomato juice, but I guess my brain was broken at the time so I used tomato sauce but thinned it out with one cup of water as opposed to the 1/2 cup that it originally called for. That and I added some oregano because trust me it needed it. The end result? I loved it. My bowl was gone in a few moments. This is something that would have been perfect during the snowstorm that we had recently in Virginia. A nice hot bowl with oyster crackers and a hot cup of coffee and a comfy blanket, and you’re in business. This may have to be added to my list of go to comfort foods.

I think that my only complaint with this book so far from just flipping through it is that there appears to be an awful lot of stir fry based recipes, but given that the purpose of the book is to provide quick recipes that you can perform on a weeknight after a day of work or school in time for a family of hungry people, I guess I can let it slide. But I’m a special damn snowflake so hey-o.


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