New years bring new changes, new experiences, new places.

2016 was collectively a bad year for the world at large. But it would be remiss to assume that the entire year was awful, that there was nothing good that occurred.

I reconnected with an old friend who turned out to be the love of my life. We had some bad times along with the good, but I don’t regret a moment of everything. Nothing. Not one second.

I up and left the job that I despised for six years that was ultimately beginning to kill me spiritually and emotionally without another job lined up. I will never regret that.

Especially since I got a job interview a day later, and then a job offer literally four hours later.

The universe knew what the fuck was up.

I both simultaneously gave a fuck and stopped giving a fuck where appropriate.

I went back on stage. I wrote again. I received concrete confirmation that these are the things I am meant for in my life. I made connections in two different states that will benefit me in the long run.

I reconnected with some old friendships and buried hatchets. I burned bridges that I know I can never cross again. I never want to, honestly.

I did something I have wanted to do since I was 16 and becoming politically aware. I became a volunteer for Planned Parenthood. I found another calling I wasn’t confident was mine to answer. I am glad I did.

There was a lot of soul searching. A lot of discovery.  The end of the year is a time for reflections and saying goodbye. I say goodbye to this year and say hello to 2017. There are a lot of things I have planned. I can’t wait to get started and to share them with you. This is my year.

Oh, and I haven’t killed this plant from Trader Joe’s yet. So that’s a plus. Ah, yeah.


Talk to you soon, my friends. Here’s to the most important year, yet.

Make it count.

– Ash


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