House Hunters makes me want to go house hunting for places I could never afford.

I am so exhausted that I can barely see straight.

I’m back to my four-five hour sleep schedule, the last few days. It isn’t particularly healthy, no, but I have too much to do. In addition to my day job, I have editing to accomplish, Jane’t and I are working on a Hamilton-esque something in the works, hopefully for Youtube in addition to the stage, I have a one act for Halloween that I need to have done in the next week, and I started the organization process for another book. And I have rehearsals soon. And I leave for Maryland, DC, and Northern VA Saturday to see some friends and go to a friend’s going away party (and go to the Disney Store and Lego Store and Lush, tbh). And the Watermelon Festival is Sunday.

And I have this lovely little blog going (which I have been particularly enjoying, honestly).

So what do we have going on today? Well. Let’s keep it simple. Here are some pictures from the last week and change for you.


Saturday was International Sailor Moon Day. I wore my Sailor Mars shirt and brought my crescent moon wand to Babe’s and had a Deep Submerge while watching the SuperS movie and making new frands. 10/10 would happily do again<3


There’s an Ekans in my boot.


I literally turned the other night to leave my room and saw this. It’s a feat that I was able to hold the camera still as I died of suffocation as I laughed.


Boose ain’t happy with daddy. :/


$138 gets you a half decent half sheet of computer paper. #collegey’all


Dat biscuit game, tho


I love you, RVA. Always.

Here’s to another good week, friends. See you Monday.



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