The Cursed Child.


Nikolai asked me how old you would have been today while I was in Barnes & Noble. I told him 72. You would have been 72 today.

I went to Carytown Cupcakes, today. They didn’t have the Sailor Moon cupcakes any longer. They brought their garden flavors in early. I struggled for about ten minutes wondering if you would have preferred the blackberry cobbler or the bee honey. I erred on the side of caution and went with the blackberry cobbler. It sounded more like you. It sounded more like something you would have chosen.

I walked for awhile. I walked around Carytown. I walked around Stony Point. I collected Pokemon with Pokemon Go as I did. I could hear your voice in my head asking me how it worked. I could see your face staring back in mine intently as I explained how stops work, how you have to walk certain distances to hatch eggs and that they didn’t always have what you wanted, how I got a measly Caterpie in an egg, how certain Pokemon come out at certain times, how certain Pokemon are in certain areas. You would have downloaded it on your phone so that you could play it with me, and maybe on your own. You would have caught Pokemon with me. You would have encouraged me to walk more, that maybe we could find more. “Oh! Look at that jet pool over there, you think that starfish one is there? Maybe some fish ones. Hey, let’s go see. Let’s check and then get lunch, baby what do you think? Catching Pokemon makes me hungry.” I would have told you about how Jane’t texted me about the ones she and Patrick caught. How Babbs told me about one that she caught the other day. “Oh, they’re good girls, I like them. Oh how lucky that they found those. Brown’s Island? Hey, are you working today? Do you want to go? Let’s get up early and make a day trip of it. Let’s get some breakfast and walk around and see what we find. Go take Addy out to the bathroom and then we’ll go. I’ll go get the coffee.” You always thought kindly of Jane’t and Babbs. They thought the same of you. “Hey, Ash my egg is about to hatch! What do you think is in it? Do you think I’ll get that dragon one?”

Maybe, Daddy. I hope mine is a Vulpix. Vulpix is my favorite.

I asked Nikolai if he thought I should get the new Harry Potter book for your birthday. He said I should. I did. I would have bought it for you for your birthday, anyway. I would have insisted that you read it first because it was your birthday. It’s okay. I can wait. I always found it so fascinating how into Harry Potter you got. You loved Sirius. Maybe partly because of Gary Oldman, maybe partly because you connected with him somehow. I remember you telling me once how you felt similar to Harry. You never elaborated. I never asked. Maybe I should have. Maybe not. Maybe it’s for the best. Some things don’t need to be explained.

Happy birthday, Daddy. I hope you like your present. I hope you had a good birthday.

I’ll talk to you soon.

Love ,

– Ash



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