Sailor Moon Cupcakes Have Arrived. And You’re Damn Right I Ate Them.


Ah. Yes. Sailor Moon Week is in full effect in Carytown, and my beloved cupcake shop, Carytown Cupcakes is the crowning jewel in the festivities.

To say that I am excited is like saying that the ocean is slightly moist.

Carytown Cupcakes has been not only one of my favorite places in my hometown since my first year at VCU, but a nice little comfort place whenever I’ve had a rough day or I’m a little lonely and have a void that only a cupcake can fill. It is safe to say that I have literally never had a bad cupcake from there. I have literally never consumed a cupcake from them that I did not enjoy. That alone is a pretty big walk to continue.

When I found out that Black Rabbit Tattoo was hosting a Sailor Moon week in honor of International Sailor Moon Day (yes, this is real), I kind of emitted a feeling of joy that can only be comparably described as the equivalent of my heart stop beating. Specifically on Saturday they are doing a flash tattoo day where they are offering a sheet of pre-done Sailor Moon designs for $100, and then down the street Babe’s is offering a plethora of various Sailor Moon themed drinks while they play all of the films, and oh. But wait. There’s more.

Carytown Cupcakes will be having special Sailor Moon flavored cupcakes all week.

Interested in the cupcakes but not sure how they taste? Rest ye worried head not, friend. I bought them and ate them. Not just for you, for me, but you can pretend I did it for you.


There is one for every soldier plus Luna. As you can tell the only one I did not get was Mercury because hers was mint based and I have a severe allergy so. I’ll do a lot of things in the name of Sailor Moon or baked goods but going to the hospital is not exactly one of them. So I got two of Jupiter instead. But for those curious that do not share my allergy (chances are you don’t. Most people don’t believe me when I share this information about myself. SIGH.), the official description of Mercury’s cupcake from Carytown Cupcakes’ website reads as follows:

A Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcake, Filled With Mint Pastry Cream, Topped With Blue Dyed Mint Buttercream, And Mini Sugar Bubbles


Sailor Moon

Description per the Website:

A Vegan Vanilla Cupcake, Filled With Vegan Vanilla Strawberry Pastry Cream, Topped With Soy Strawberry Buttercream And A Gold Fondant Star

Until I went back and read the description from their website, I thought that the entire cupcake was a sugar cookie. Which is very apt given that this cupcake is inspired by Usagi herself. I will say that this and the Mars cupcake (mentioned further down) have peaked my interest in regards to vegan baking. This was very light, and the strawberry flavor itself was light as well, almost to the point that I didn’t taste it. It wasn’t too sweet, either, which surprised me. A fun addition to it as you can tell is that for her they did her broach from the R series, as opposed to Classic as most folks would have done.



Description per the Website:

A Chocolate Cupcake, Filled With Either, Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow, Or Green Vanilla Buttercream, Topped With Black Dyed Chocolate Buttercream And A Yellow Crescent Moon
SAILOR SCOUR COLORS: Pink = Sailor Moon Red = Sailor Mars Blue = Sailor Mercury Yellow = Sailor Venus Green = Sailor Jupiter

The first thing that I noticed about this cupcake was exactly two things. 1) It is very, very rich. 2) It is very, very moist. You know the expression, “melts in your mouth”? Exactly. This melted in my mouth in every way. I had to cut it in half and eat it at separate times due to the richness, but the wait was worth it. Certainly made my lunch that I brought to work more excited. Something that I noticed on the website was about the Soldier colors in regards to the buttercream center. Mine had a pink center, which apparently indicates that I received a Moon cupcake (yaaay!), but I just thought that it was because pink is a revolving color theme in regards to the series as a whole. That is a pretty cool concept, though. I’m more than positive that I will get another cupcake before the week is out, but I’m tempted to get another Luna just to see if I receive a different color. Little things like that are fun to me.


Sailor Mars

Description per the Website:

A Spicy Vegan Dark Chocolate Cupcake, Topped With Red Dyed Vegan Spicy Vanilla Buttercream and Orange Disco Dust

I truthfully would have been surprised and dissappointed if this cupcake was anything other than a spicy chocolate cupcake, honestly, given that Rei is the senshi of fire. Around the time that Game of Thrones premiered their most recent season, Carytown Cupcakes did a theme week for them as well, and of course there was a cupcake for Danerys that was a spicy chocolate as well, with little chocolate eggs. This reminds me exactly of that except that the spice is toned down considerably. Which is good, in my opinion as the Danerys cupcake was almost too spicy. I still finished it, and I still enjoyed it, but hers I had to do the same as I did with the Luna cupcake in regards to cutting it in half and eat it later. With Mars I was able to eat hers in one sitting. I think that the spicy vanilla is what helps cut down the spice, while still retaining it if that makes sense. The orange dust is a very nice touch that calls back to her burning mandala power.

Also I hope you are enjoying my old as fuck Sailor Mars doll. And that is with me taking intricate care of my dolls and collectibles even as a kid. Shit’s old, okay? And I realized as I gathered things for photos that I own next to nothing with Mars. Considering she is my other favorite (besides Jupiter)? Depressing. Sadness.

My birthday is in 23 days just as an FYI wink wink nudge.



Sailor Jupiter

Description per the Website:

A Lemon Cupcake, Filled With Kiwi Curd, Topped With Lemon Zest Buttercream And A Green Sailor Jupiter Symbol

Jupiter’s was by far my favorite out of the five different ones that I brought home, and not just because she herself is one of my favorites. This cupcake itself was perfect for the summer. It was very light, and both sweet and tart. The description from the website claims that it is a lemon cupcake, but the kiwi curd makes it taste like a lime based cupcake, I think. If it had any berry elements to it, it would taste exactly like their infamous Polyjuice Potion cupcake from when they do their Harry Potter weeks, which is also a favorite and is definitely lime based although with a raspberry compote in place of kiwi curd. If you enjoy the Jupiter, come back when they do Harry Potter week and grab a Polyjuice Potion. It is very similar in regards to flavorings.


Sailor Venus

Description per the Website:

A Coconut Cupcake, Filled With Mango Compote, Topped With Coconut Buttercream, Gold Heart Sprinkles And A Gold Tiara

I love the little heart sprinkles used for this. Considering Venus is the soldier of love, it’s very appropriate and subtle. The mango compote for this was delicious. It wasn’t as thick as I was imagining, and while I got hints of coconut from the cake itself and the buttercream icing, it was very understated and subtle. In this case, I think I liked it that way as an after taste to balance out the richness of the mango. Definitely my second favorite after the Jupiter cupcake. This one will definitely be coming home again before the end of the week.

So there you have it. Worth it? Obviously. Whether you are a Sailor Moon fan, cupcake fan, or both it’s worth heading down there to grab one before they are gone. The cupcakes will be at Carytown Cupcakes until Sunday August 7th, and run about $2.85 individually. Although it is to be noted that they accept VCU student IDs for a discount (about 10% I believe), if you have another school’s ID it’s certainly worth asking.





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