I Finally Found Ecto-Cooler. And Here is What Happened.


Soooooo…. Back in the early nineties-early 2000s, we had a beverage inspired by Slimer from Ghostbusters called Ecto-Cooler. It was a citrus flavor of Hi-C produced by the Coca-Cola company, and traditionally found down the juice aisle with all of the various insanely over sugared beverages intended for children’s lunches. Growing up I didn’t have it all that often, and in retrospect I probably requested it so much because of Ghostbusters and my intense fascination with it. And even now I probably just wanted it because of Ghostbusters. I told my boyfriend over the phone that I truly don’t remember if it even tastes all that great, but despite that I have been on a search for it since it rereleased about a month ago, and I finally found it Sunday evening in a local Martin’s (an east coast grocery chain).

So. How does it taste? Let’s find out.


I think that the greatest disappointment that I have with this is that Slimer is nowhere to be found on the packaging. Yeah, yeah it’s a minor thing I know, but truthfully that’s part of what makes Ecto-Cooler what it is. Somehow I’ll find a way to survive despite this.

Anyway. The flavor on the side of the can states that it is a combination of orange and tangerine concentrate. I get slight hints of that, and I think because of that I was expecting it to be orange. The green tint was a welcomed surprise, though. But in regards to the flavor, it tasted exactly like flat Sprite to me. Not necessarily in a bad way. It was fairly light and not nearly as heavy as I was expecting considering it’s by a brand that is glorified sugar, water and corn syrup.

So was it worth it? I’d say so. If for no other reason than the nostalgic factor, which is really the only reason I was buying it to begin with. As far as a beverage goes, I’d still buy it again. It wasn’t bad and definitely light enough that I could mix it with something else.


Specifically this. This is my go to vodka of choice as it makes 99% of things it’s mixed with taste better, but this it had a very tart creamsicle taste which was interesting and I enjoyed.

So if you’re a Ghostbusters fan on the east coast try your local Martin’s (or Giant, as I believe they are who own Martin’s). It’s worth it for a quick nostalgia trip, or even if you’re just a die hard collector and want to add a can or the six pack to your collection.


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