July Favorites


I have a decent chunk of favorites for this month, most of them entertainment based. The first is this show that I stumbled upon on Netflix titled, Off Camera with Sam Jones. It’s just a very simple, long form interview show but I love it. I love hearing people I already love talk about their craft, and why it is so important to them, how they got to where they are, and why they keep going. It’s fascinating and encouraging.


I can’t stop laughing at this. I want to cuddle with this snake so bad omfg.


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I am so fucking beyond obsessed with Netflix’s Stranger Things. I just restarted it last night so that my boyfriend could watch it, and it only gets better the second go around. There are so many little easter eggs and clues and symbols to catch on the second and I’m sure third and fourth viewing. I finished it in the course of two or three days the first time. The writing is so fucking good, and the story is so engrossing. Visually it is perfect. There is nothing to be improved upon visually. If you didn’t know better you would truly believe that this was really from 1983. And it stars my queen, Winona so y’know. Stranger Things is every fucking thing. AH.


Since finding the last two novels of the trilogy at my local used bookstore, I have refallen in love with The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy all over again. I mean, I never actually fell out of love with it, but y’know. This series just gets better the further along that you go. I reviewed the second novel in the trilogy, Linger, which can be found here (Book Chat | “Linger” by Maggie Steifvater), and I’m sure that I will have a review of Forever once that is finished.

I finally got to try the new formula for Urban Decay’s Vice Lipsticks, and. Yes. They’re so smooth, and I feel like they last significantly longer than the previous ones. And. OH. OH. THEY ARE LIKE FIVE BUCKS CHEAPER. YAY. Also, Gash is everything. I’m wearing it in the above picture.


This picture of Bruce hearing my voice, and not having a clue how Skype works and getting mildly frustrated is my favorite of him. I miss my kitty. A lot.


I have a mild obsession with my friend Josh’s cat, Gus. I spend about 80% of our game nights calling him and petting him and taking pictures of him. And supporting his new hashtag that I concocted, #guslife.


Well, y’know. Mainly Holtzmann, though. HOLTZY.


What were your favorite things about July?


4 thoughts on “July Favorites

    • I think you may have mentioned to me once and I forgot because I do that. I’m watching the Laura Dern one now which is surprisingly good, and the Dave Grohl one made me fall in love with him all over again. John Krasinski’s was interesting to learn that we both have pretty much the same mental process when it comes to approaching acting projects and directing so that was interesting.


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