I have a bag and there is indeed crap in it.

Are you a nosey fucker? Good, because I am, too.

Back in the days of LJ there was a community specifically geared toward people posting what was in their bag. And let me tell you, if I was on My Strange Addiction, it would be for that. I still troll the #whatsinmybag tag on Instagram and Youtube, honestly. Because again I’m nosey. And obviously so are you or you wouldn’t have kept reading.

So here we go.


This has been my current bag for about… 3 or 4 years, now ? I found it at the Stein Mart by my job at the time, and to be honest I have no idea who it is by. I found it on a shelving unit marked for Steve Madden, but no tags on it indicate this or. Well, any other brand. I’ve tried to do some research on my own for curiosity reasons and have come up with. Nothing. All I have is that it is clearly inspired by the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel. Which to be honest is part of the reason why I loved it (and also I will never pay the price tag that the original requests. everrrrrr). It fits my general aesthetic and isn’t too different from bags that I have carried since I left high school. The charms dangling from it are a Sailor V charm I found on eBay a couple years ago that has traveled to the last two bags, and the Chibi Usa charm that my boyfriend found at his local Barnes & Noble for me. The bag in general has survived quite a beating as I am fucking HORRIBLE with bags (slung everywhere, shoved in lockers and suitcases, shit spilled, many many gross bars, many many good bars, travelling everywhere, THE AIRPORT, etc…) and it’s still surviving with minimal wear and tear.


In the front zipper where the charms dangle; a lighter, pepper spray and a whistle, many a ticket stub, burt’s bees (#savethebees), hair tie, and the greatest lipstick ever (Urban Decay’s Manic).


In the main compartment; a Chip tsum tsum (the suede tummies are good phone cleaners!), sunglasses, notebook of the moment, makeup bag, wallet, reusable bag (I’m that person), lotion, gum, Haribo Happy Cola (aka how to keep me happy and not hangry), Starbucks instant lemonade


In the inside zipper; Sharpie markers, purple pen I hijacked from a former coworker, an amazing pen (seriously), my beautiful Sailor Mars pen someone gave me, gum, flashdrive with a Hello Kitty charm my sister brought me back from Tokyo about 15 years ago, ipod charger, keys

I usually have mounds of trash in there as well, but that was promptly disposed of because of sheerly how disgusted I was at the amount.

So that’s what’s in my bag at the moment. My Belle make up bag kind of doubles as both a make up bag and a “hey this is important please don’t lose it” bag, so maybe I’ll do a what’s in that? Interested?

What fun things do you keep in your bag? What is your “Can’t leave home without it” item?



One thought on “I have a bag and there is indeed crap in it.

  1. I’m nosy, too, and I love #whatsinmybag posts and videos. =) Your bag is adorable! ~I don’t have anything that would qualify as fun in my bag (it’s all pretty standard/utilitarian), but I can tell you that my can’t-leave-home-without item is my Burt’s Bees lip balm.=) My current fav is their coconut & pear.


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