The post mainly about food because why the hell not.

Hey, friends! I know, I know. Two posts two days in a row? It’s like I’m productive or something.

So, I was editing photos from the last week and change to share, and realized that this post is mainly about food. And Pokemon GO!, but mainly food. Because it just is. Let me live my damn life, okay geez.


As I mentioned last time, I did improv, again. The Coalition Theater had an Improv Mixer and I decided it was time. I signed up and I was shit scared, to be honest. I wanted to throw up a lot, and even though I clearly signed up, I secretly hoped that they would never call my name. Ever. At all.

But they did. Twice, even! And you know what? It was excellent. I feel like I did so well, like I got back in my groove and it was such a bad ass feeling. I felt so calm and at ease, and I gained another feeling of that sense of closure that, again, this is something I am meant to pursue for my life. Everyone there that I worked with and watched was not only remarkably talented, but also very fun, kind, friendly, and supportive, and welcoming. I felt so privileged to not only work with these people for the evening, but to also get to know some of them. To say that I am ecstatic to go back and do it again is putting it lightly.


So back in February when I got my tax return back, I decided to buy a record player. I had been wanting one for awhile. I remember my dad playing music on his on Sunday mornings sometimes, and when I was younger my sister played hers and just falling in love with the sound that emits from it. There is just something very specific about the way music comes from a record player that can’t be matched. I found a pretty good one for dirt off of Amazon and unboxed it two days later. This past week I went to the used bookstore near my apartment to go hunting for records, as I have been and came out with these two finds. I haven’t had a chance to play the SNL one, so I’m not sure exactly what is on it as it doesn’t specify. Maybe skits? And the Neil Diamond one I bought specifically because I have a weird love of scream singing Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation show when I’m drunk.

I’m fun.

I found a new cafe near the apartment this past weekend. I left the apartment to go Pokemon hunting (because again. I’m fun.) and saw this in a complex. I had heard of it before (Urban Market & Farmhouse), and decided to give it a try. I fell in love with the aesthetic instantly. And the fact that my kindred spirit, Ferris was on a board outside didn’t hurt. It’s a bit pricey for what it is, honestly, but it’s definitely worth returning to. And I caught a Fearow there, so hey there you go.


After much skepticism I tried the internet!infamous pink drink from the green mermaid. Hashtag worth it.


According to the Swarm app, the last time that I came to The Daily was about three years ago. Sounds about right. The last time I was here I was on what can only be described as one of the most interesting dates ever. And not in a good way. Yeah. There’s a story about that. Another day.

But I was hungry, and decided to give it a go. They had sweet potato fries and coffee so why not? Despite the suffocating heat, it was nice to be able to just relax outside with a cup of coffee and write, even if it was just a grocery list. It added to my beloved love of people watching. Definitely a come back.


Like I said. I’ve been playing Pokemon GO. I’m on level 8 because I work god dammit. I’m a member of the RVA group on facebook that has been organizing the meet ups and such, and in general trying to use this as a good thing (some members posted last night about cleaning up Monroe Park while they were out which was pretty excellent). But I haven’t been able to go out myself, yet to one of the meet ups because of either work, previous commitments, or just not feeling like it. Maybe tonight.


Pidgey isn’t a Caps fan, I see. Whatever, I caught your ass.

I consistently crave two things when it’s a heatwave. Fish, and this particular beer that is only available during the summer, anyway. It’s Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. It’s a wheat beer with a good blend of honey and lemonade, and GOD SO HEAVENLY. AH.


While Nikolai is away at training, his mother kindly agreed to watch Tank and our cat, Bruce and she texted him this picture of Bruce that can only be described as from his past life as a 90s glamour model. Check out that foot and toe bean action.

Well, I’m off to the Blackberry Ale release at Hardywood and to catch more pokeymans. If you are, too then pleasepleaseplease be safe because just like with anything there are assholes out there who make me chant this is why we can’t have nice things. And if you see me, say howdy, and hook a girl up with a Vulpix please and thank you.

Have a good weekend, friends<3


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