Hank the Septopus.


I decided to take my “at home work day” mobile, today. I woke up at a decent hour, this morning. Between 9:30a, and 10a seems to be my go to, anymore. I’m okay with it. But as always I was getting distracted. A lot. And the rain wasn’t helping at all. So whenever distraction occurs, I pack up shop and head to the Starbucks by  my apartment. It’s relatively quiet, and the baristas are always very nice, so it’s a good home away from home so to speak.

And then lightning happened. Yeah. I don’t do lightning. At all. In any way. I’ll be 28 in about two months and I still have one of two reactions. bilbonopeoctopusnope

Usually it’s closer to the octopus but still. I still managed to get writing done so yay me.

So. In the mean time, welcome to book chat.


I tend to get most of my reading done either in transit, or over the summer. So I had an idea to do book reviews either as I’m going through them, or once they’re done. Maybe even share my ever growing stack that is my summer reading list. With this instance, I’m finally getting around to reading a book I actually bought on my birthday, oh. About ten months ago? Yeah.

One More Thing… is a series of short stories by B.J. Novak. So far it’s relatively hit or miss for me, but occasionally that will happen with short/flash fiction collectives. Some of them feel like more care has been taken into them (such as “Sophia), and some of them feel rather rushed (such as “The Something by John Grisham”). It’s a rather quick read so far, relatively speaking. I still have about three quarters of it left so far, so I suppose that we will see how it improves.

In other news, I took myself on a date to see Finding Dory, this past Saturday. It was excellent, but I figured. Also. Hank is the best character that Pixar has ever concocted. Team get #findinghank trending, tbh.


Next Time,

 – Ash


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